Cité rêvée
biennial Midnight party...

Weihnachten 2005 - Cité êée - biennial Midnight party...

Coming to Montbeliard in December you will encounter the unexpected, the unusual, the beauty, the poetry of an original and ephemeral artistic creation making New Year’s Eve unforgettable. A fantastic way to avoid routine!

Every two years, in the streets, there is a great party welcoming thousands of people. „Cité rêvée“, the biennial midnight party in Montbeliard, allows many theatre associations to get together around a unique creation espescially made for the town.

l’allan, the Montbeliard national theatre association, has invited two men of genius, Jean Raymond Jacob (Oposito company) and Pierre Berthelot (Generik Vapeur company). They have thought up an ambitious, crazy and gigantic show with over 200 artists, fire technicians, video makers, actors, unrivalled musicians. The town is transformed into a enchanting place: strange creatures invade the streets, buildings are covered with monumental pictures, unusual or melodious sounds echo in the whole town.

Let yourself be carried away by the impulse. After midnight, the night birds will meet in a somewhat special cabaret until daybreak.

Public event on a national scale, the first edition of „Cité rêvée“ in 2003 has attracted over 25000 people, all of them won over by the convivial atmosphere and the magic of the show.

In Montbeliard, on December 31st, you wear gloves to drink champagne.

Photo: Office de Tourisme du Pays De Montbéliard

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