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Christmas at Tivoli
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Christmas at Tivoli

The Christmas lights go on at Tivolion Friday 11 November and the gardens, all decked out for Christmas, will have more kinds of illuminations than ever. Among the new items at this year’s Christmas at Tivoli are two spectacular lighting installations by the renowned French artist Stef Grivelet who will put Nimb in the Christmas spirit by turning it into a snowy palace and creating a 'crystal tree' by Tivoli Lake. Tivoli’s visitors have previously encountered Stef Grivelet’s unusual talents when changing landscapes were projected onto Nimb in 2003, to celebrate Tivoli’s 160th birthday. Grivelet will transform Nimb into a large snowy palace by using various theatrical and lighting techniques. The installation will be set up to rotate among various wintry landscapes. At the Tivoli Lake, Grivelet will create a sparkling 'crystal tree' consisting of many small white and blue LEDs and 200 mirrors.

The big Christmas tree in front of Nimb will be decorated with 200 light chains, each with 120 points of light - 24,000 in all! It will take two men three weeks to decorate the tree. The enchanting Tivoli Lights, invented by Tiffany’s head designer, John Loring, are a story in their own right: 1800 light chains are needed for decorating the willow trees around the Tivoli Lake. Another 5000 metres are needed for all the Christmas trees and a further 1000 metres for Tivoli’s buildings.

Amusements, sharks and Santa Claus

This year, Tivoli offers 25 amusements all told, four of which are unique Christmas amusements. This year’s big new feature - undoubtedly attracting many people - will be the opening of the big salt water aquarium beneath the newly refurbished Concert Hall. The aquarium’s 30 metres make it the longest in Denmark. It is designed to resemble a tropical coral reef and will contain more than 1600 exotic fish and sharks. The aquarium is open to everyone during Tivoli’s opening hours. Meet Santa Claus on Plænen’s big open-air stage - this year Santa has brought his reindeer and his big, fine sleigh to Tivoli. Here, children of all ages will be able to tell Santa Claus their Christmas wishes and get a photo taken with him. All in all plenty of amusement opportunities whether you prefer sharks, roller coasters or a tête-à-tête with Santa during Christmas at Tivoli.

This year Christmas at Tivoli will have more stalls than ever: 72 different Christmas stalls will generate atmosphere, lively shopping and whetted appetites. Twenty-one of the many stalls are new this year, including Meyer’s Madhus with Christmas specialities and delicacies, Gastons selling Italian specialities, Møns Bryghus serving and selling various types of beer from the reopened Møn Brewery, as well as Denmark’s first - and undoubtedly smallest - family-run toffee factory from Gudhjem on the island of Bornholm - The Toffee Company.

Tivoli reproduces Andy Warhol Christmas motif

Every year from 1956-62, Andy Warhol designed different Christmas cards in a unique style, creating a magic universe of drawings, colours, handwriting and a collage of materials: stars and angels from ethereal realms and shoes, fruit and holly from our commonplace world. Tiffany’s of New York has granted Tivoli permission and the sole and exclusive right to reproduce a card from 1960 entitled 'Ornament Tree'. The permission was granted through John Loring, Tiffany’s head designer, the creator of Tivoli’s magic Christmas lighting with the thousands of white bulbs - and a special friend of Tivoli. The Warhol motif will be reproduced in the form of cards, gift tags, gift bags and a poster - all of which will be sold in Tivoli’s shops during Christmas at Tivoli.

Tivoli Cookie and a Christmas brew

No Christmas would be complete without delicious pastry. For this reason, chef Paul Cunningham - in cooperation with Tivoli- has this year developed a genuine Tivoli cookie and a Christmas fruitcake inspired by the renowned British plump cakes.The pastries will be sold in Tivoli’s shops and pubs and are also well-suited as gifts because they are wrapped in unique packaging specially designed for the pastries. Last year, Tivoli launched a mild, delicious Christmas brew - in cooperation with Bryggeriet Skands. This year master brewer Birthe Skands has once again made sure that Tivoli’s many visitors during Christmas at Tivoli will have the opportunity to taste a unique Christmas brew which will only be available during Christmas at Tivoli, by the way.

During Christmas at Tivoli there will be plenty of opportunities for dancing, singing and comedy for the entire family. The entertaining features will include the Crazy Christmas Cabaret in the Glass Hall, from 1 December, the classic Nutcracker will be performed in the recently renovated Concert Hall. This magnificent production by Tivoli and the Royal Danish Theatre can be seen until 18 December - and if you've already seen it, why not come again? From 26 December there is the opportunity to revisit Aveny-T’s Hip Hop version of this old story. The Hip Hop Nutcracker runs until 8 January.

This year no one will come in vain to Tivoli’s gates between Christmas and New Year’s. For the first time in the history of the Christmas market - and after countless requests - Tivoli will be open from 26-30 December.

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