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Christmas at Tivoli
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Christmas at Tivoli

On Friday 12 November, Tivoli will be opening the gates for the 11th Christmas in Tivoli. One of this year’s big new features is a spectacular snow and crystal landscape in the Nimb gardens. Thus, Tivoli is guaranteeing a white Christmas all season long by transforming Nimb’s gardens into a white landscape with this beautiful building and its twinkling white lights in the background. To quench your thirst, stroll past the new large „Biergarten“, seating 200, in the Palace Courtyard in front of the Hans Christian Andersen Palace. „Biergarten“ was inspired by some of the light, open wooden pavilions that typified the Tivoli Gardens in the late 1800s and that were also some of Tivoli’s very first buildings.

Christmas amusements and entertainment

In addition to the ice-skating rink on the lake, the Gardens are offering no less than 27 amusements. This makes three more amusements than during the summer. Once again this year, Tivoli will be offering a couple of special Christmas amusements, such as a new, bigger Swing Carrousel seating 64, the Pixie Train, and the „Chinese Lantern“ - an amusement tower for children of all ages. Santa will naturally be on hand every day in the Gardens and 136 mechanical pixies will be causing a stir in the charming village of Nissekøbing, in the big tent next to Plænen (the Open Air Stage). A Ride Pass will be on sale for all the amusements, of course.

Entertainment galore will also be offered on Tivoli’s two indoor stages, i.e., Glass Hall Theatre and Tivoli Concert Hall, during Christmas in Tivoli. The London Toast Theatre will entertain audiences in the Glass Hall Theatre with their Crazy Christmas Cabaret that, according to tradition, is performed in English and which this year is titled „Who Shot the Sheriff?“. The performance runs from 11 November to 31 December, both days inclusive. The Royal Danish Ballet, in cooperation with the Tivoli Christmas Ballet, will be performing „The Nutcracker“ in the Tivoli Concert Hall from 20 November to 11 December, featuring 120 performers, 67 musicians and more than 400 costumes! From 15 December, the classic version of „The Nutcracker“ will be replaced by Aveny-T’s hip-hop version of the same name. This show, which premiered last year and reaped some of the greatest critical acclaim of the season, will run from 15 to 31 December.

Tivoli’s popular Christmas Market first saw the light of day in 1994 and was visited by more than 800,000 guests last year. Here you will find decorative greenery, candles, pixies, a skating rink and live animals, not to mention Santa, of course, who will be walking around greeting the children in the Gardens. As in previous years, the 60 small shops around the Gardens will be selling a wide variety of items ranging from amusing Christmas gifts to steaming hot mulled wine.

Christmas in Tivoli is open from 12 November to 23 December. Monday-Thursday, 11am-10pm / Friday 11am-11pm / Saturday & Sunday 10am-11pm.

Like in Summer, visitors can purchase a Ride Pass to the Garden’s amusements. Ride Pass cost only DKK 75.00 Mon-Fri and DKK 150.00 Sat-Sun. If you want an admission ticket only, the price is DKK 65.00 for adults and DKK 35.00 for children.

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