Christmas, the Horse and the Child

Original equestrian fairytales

Christmas, the Horse and the Child
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This normally festive period was often a little sad for the museum. There were fewer visitors. The Grand Stables hibernated. The idea then came, in 1986, to create a children’s spectacle: Christmas, the Horse and the Child where the riders transformed themselves into Christmas fairytale characters, with the rider/founder an unquestionable Father Christmas!

The public responded with enthusiasm

In 1995, the production of this spectacle was entrusted to Sophie Bienaimé. It became a true tale of Christmas theatre, totally invented to adapt itself to the qualities of the stable. The story is rewritten each year following a family brain storming session that begins in the Spring. Sentimental and fantastic adventures mixing together Father Christmas and his elves with Saint Nicholas, as well as new characters like Inspector Lafouine, Flip-Flap the goblin, Goumi the orphan, the bandit Racmadur, the soldier Pillenrtarr, or drawn from the legends of Christmas like the Russian lady of the snow, Germany’s Frau Holle, the Italian sorcerer Beffana, the fourth of the Three Wise Men, the American Ichilok ... Their success grows from one year to the next and the loyal public come back each year to compare and, in 2001, the 'Dream of Lili' thrilled some 26,000 people.

The popularity of these Christmas spectacles is such that the museum has had to set up a reservations system.

Admission: (1,5 € reservation fee icluded)
Children from 2 to 5 years of age: 15 €
6 to 11 years of age: 17€
12 and older: 18€

Nette Menschen treffen

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