Jessica Faiss EXHALE

Opening + Konzert: : 20/11/2010

Jessica Faiss EXHALE
© Jessica Faiss
Still from Halong, 2006, courtesy: Jessica Faiss

Jessica Faiss was born 1973 in Switzerland, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 2002. She moves between photography, video, performance and painting, but she is mostly known for her unusual video works. Faiss has presented her works in various venues and public space project both in Sweden and internationally. In 2008 she was awarded with Maria Bonniers- Dahlin Prize for the young Swedish artist.

The opening’s evening will be accompanied with a concert performed by two experimental music artists: Krzysiek Cybulski & Tetsuya Hori.

Concert starts at 21:30 hours.

We ask you to appear punctually otherwise you will not be let in during the concert!!!

More information:

Krzysiek Cybulski is a bass player with background in jazz composition and arrangement, but from quite a few years now he’s into experimenting with digital sound processing in live context. From his experience in improvisation using traditional instruments, he developed his own live setup (based on Native Instruments REAKTOR custom patch), which allows him to improvise his live sets from scratch. He’s still refining his setup, as well as his approach to music. Since 2008 he’s a part of Warsaw Electronic Festival society.

Tetsuya Hori (composer, pianist and Gegenstände-Spieler), born in Sapporo, Japan. In 2002 he graduated from the Compostion Class from the Music Adademy in Tokyo, where he also worked as a composer, music arrangeur and PhD scholar. Since 2003 he has lived and worked in Berlin.

Nette Menschen treffen

Anzeige: Mit dem Frühstückstreff neue Freunde finden

Wenn Sie in diesem Jahr faszinierende neue Freunde kennen lernen möchten, dann empfehlen wir die Kontaktschmiede des Frühstückstreffs. Sie werden staunen, was die Redaktion von zum Preis von Null Euro schon für Zehntausende Menschen in über 50 Städten in Europa tut. Dürfen wir Sie verblüffen? Klicken Sie jetzt einfach ...Anzeige ... weiter ...


20.11. - 02.12.2010


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