Christmas, the Horse and the Child

Original equestrian fairytales

Christmas, the Horse and the Child
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Christmas, the Horse and the Child

The living Horse Museum presents you a new show for Christmas time.

Every year in December, the Living Museum of the Horse lives for the time of The Advent and Christmas, and wishes to share this festive season with all their visitors. This is why, for the past 18 years the museum has, each year, introduced new tales of Christmas for their 20 spectacle horses, as well as the 30 who live permanently in the Grand Stables.

Mad races, dizzy rearing, impudent leaping, supple piaffe and sweet passage - all the riding school 'airs' are brought together to amuse the young and old alike! Under the magnificent baroque dome, spectators will discover all the facets of the horses and their riders. Then, a succession of numbers from the equestrian theatre which string together to form a mixture of poetry, humour, daring, fantasy, gymnastics and prowess in which the eagerly awaited Father Christmas has pride of place.

* 1 hour of show, at 14:30 and/or 16:30
* A new tale every year
* 22 horses/artists
* 10 riders/actors
* 6 months of preparation and at least 3 years of dressage per horse
* Over 1 hour of show
* 17 equestrian show acts
* 2 daily performances on weekends in December
* and every day during school holidays.
* Visit of the museum before or after the show

Nette Menschen treffen

Anzeige: Mit dem Frühstückstreff neue Freunde finden

Wenn Sie in diesem Jahr faszinierende neue Freunde kennen lernen möchten, dann empfehlen wir die Kontaktschmiede des Frühstückstreffs. Sie werden staunen, was die Redaktion von zum Preis von Null Euro schon für Zehntausende Menschen in über 50 Städten in Europa tut. Dürfen wir Sie verblüffen? Klicken Sie jetzt einfach ...Anzeige ... weiter ...


01.12. - 31.12.2010
01.01. - 02.01.2011


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